Cancellation Policy


Below is some important information about cancelling your reservation.

Direct bookings:

If you reserve a room directly with us via our website we do not ask for payment details upfront*. We’re happy if you pay once you arrive at the property. As we manage these reservations on a trust basis all we ask is that you give us as much notice as possible if you no longer wish to keep the reservation. The more notice we have, the greater the chance of us being able to fill the room again, which is obviously important when you’re trying to earn a living.

If you cancel on the day you’re supposed to arrive the right thing to do would be to reimburse us the cost of that first night as we will miss out on the opportunity to fill the room. We can’t enforce this but hopefully your conscience will guide you. (If you remain guilt-free then we’re kind of glad you didn’t stay with us after all). 

All the time this policy works – great! If we find we get burned too many times we’ll just start asking for credit card details. 

You can cancel your reservation by emailing or phoning us. Please make sure we confirm the cancellation. If you don’t hear anything back within a few days, please try contacting us again in case the message has been missed.

*If you are reserving multiple rooms we may ask for a deposit upfront just to cover ourselves. We will speak to you about this at the time of reservation but usually we would ask for a part-payment approximately 2 weeks ahead of the arrival date.

Third party bookings:

If you have reserved a room via a third party (such as, A Hotels, Expedia, B&B Ireland etc.) you will have to abide by their own cancellation policy. This will be along the lines of: “You may cancel your reservation free of charge up to 3 days before your arrival date. If you give less than 3 days notice you will be liable to pay for one night’s accommodation for each room reserved.” 

Please refer to the documentation received at the time of booking. You will need to manage your cancellations through the third party website or app. We will not be able to cancel it for you. 

Now that we've cleared that up....