Planning your trip.

We’ve had guests return to Inveraray Farm year after year but for others, a trip to Ireland is a once in a lifetime event. It’s tempting to try and do too much in a short time but this often leads to a rushed and stressful holiday. We suggest you stay in the Reeks District.
Fondly known as Ireland’s Adventure Playground. There is so much to do and you don’t want to miss out. There’s a whole website dedicated to this district which is very helpful and informative and you can also find out more on our Things To Do page. If you do want to explore further afield it’s ideally located so that you can do day trips around the Ring of Kerry, see Dingle, visit West Cork and a whole lot more.

Ireland may seem like a small country but there is so much to see. Often, in the more scenic areas, the roads are narrow and winding and getting from A to B can take longer than expected. If you’re not used to country driving, and you’re also having to get used to driving on the left, it can be exhausting. 

What should you do?

Give yourself plenty of time. You’ll either need to extend your holiday (a mere week to travel around Ireland wouldn’t be recommended) or prioritise what it is that you would really like to see.

Google may be telling you a drive from A to B is 4 hours but it’s not taking into account meal stops, toilet breaks and a chance to stretch your legs and take in the views. Add at least another hour or two onto your journey time so it’s more realistic and therefore relaxing.

Try and reach your accommodation by late afternoon or early evening. Not only will your hosts appreciate it but it gives you a chance to explore your local area and grab a bite to eat (many places only serve food up to 2000 or 2100). There’s nothing worse than arriving in the dead of night, seeing nothing and leaving again early in the morning.

If you want to visit Dublin as well as the west of Ireland look into flying to Cork, Kerry, Shannon or Knock airports and flying out of Dublin (or vice versa). This will save half a day of driving.

Can we help you plan your trip around Kerry?

Absolutely! We have a lifetime of local knowledge and have helped thousands of guests make the most of their time in ‘The Kingdom’. We’re, more than happy to help tailor your itineraray when you arrive at Inveraray Farm. In the meantime you might be interested in looking at our Things To Do page. We’ve compiled a list of our top suggestions that will suit everyone, from people with young families, keen walkers and those with less mobility.

Any other advice?

Pack lots of light layers, a waterproof jacket and some sturdy, waterproof walking shoes. Although we can have some lovely weather in Ireland we are known for having a bit of rain, especially in Kerry. Don’t let bad weather stop you from getting out and exploring the sights.

Bring a reusable water bottle. The tap water in Ireland is considered safe to drink.